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Fun things to do in California on Thanksgiving | Ty D

ByPatricia S. Stevens

Nov 25, 2022

Here is a list of some amazing ideas that can make your Thanksgiving special.

Thanksgiving is a celebration. Everyone is on the streets, including children and adults. The four-day weekend is celebrated by enjoying it to the fullest, but wait!

Do you have a plan for how to spend this Thanksgiving weekend? Do some rockin’ stuff with your friends or family?

If you don’t have a plan then there is no need to worry because here I have a list of some amazing ideas that can make your Thanksgiving special.

make memories

I would say your business is more important than the place you visit. You can visit any place around the world, but when you are not with your loved ones, there will always be a feeling of loneliness.

So the first idea is to get up, book a hotel and spend time with your family in an amazing place that has good food, people and some good sights to please your eyes.

Need help with where to go? let’s help

san francisco


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Another name for indulgence is San Francisco. Pack your bags and leave with your friends or family because there is so much to do. You can start by riding in cable cars or seeing the Golden Gate Bridge and feasting your eyes.

Some stores will be closed, but not all will be. Some might also be open.

The tree lighting ceremonies are amazing. If you are a photographer then this is a moment to capture.

The San Francisco Auto Show is another great thing that takes place on Thanksgiving weekend. If you are a car lover you must pay a visit.

San Diego


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San Diego may not sound attractive, but wait until you hear about its amazing food and culture. Almost all major stores open during Thanksgiving in San Diego.

Thinking of the poor is just as important as thinking of yourself. If you’re having a happy Thanksgiving, why not visit Father Joe’s Villages on Thanksgiving Day to help some poor people?

Charity starts in Balboa Park helping people enjoy good food. After you’re done with the charity, head to the Mother Goose Parade, which is decades old. Every year the folks at EI Cajon celebrate it with a little innovation.

berry farm


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A family picnic spot. Located in Southern California, Knotts Berry Farm is one of the most budget-friendly theme parks. Although it will be a bit crowded on Thanksgiving, don’t worry as crowds are what keep a theme park alive.

The only problem can be wasting your time if you start waiting in the queues for too long. However, if you can visit the park early in the morning, that can also be solved as most people want to visit it at night.

lego land


Legoland in DenmarkPhoto of(Technical History Day)

Another must-see in Southern California is Legoland. It’s a great attraction for both children and adults. However, you need to be stronger on the budget side as it is slightly more expensive than Knotts Berry Farm.

There are not many roller coasters here as the rides are kept suitable for 12 year olds. There are some discounts you can take advantage of on Thanksgiving weekends. In addition, the place is also great for photography. It doesn’t have all the mountain rangers but does have some decent sights that will be a boon to your Instagram reel.

There is also a Legoland aquarium that both children and adults will love. So get ready and enjoy a nice day with your family.



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Want to make the most of this Thanksgiving weekend but are on a tight budget? No need to worry because we are here for you.

Palm Springs is one of those places that doesn’t need a ticket but offers a lot. We find very few places like this. It’s only a 2 hour drive from Los Angeles and you must be wondering, what is there to do in a place like this?

There is so much Palm Springs like Desert Hot Springs, Living Desert Zoo, The Indian Cannons and more. Why not come by and find out more for yourself?


You can also camp anywhere on Thanksgiving except on the streets. Camping on beaches and other places is a very popular idea.

It’s your choice whether you want to visit a beach or any other place, but always book in advance. Late booking won’t get you anywhere, so you better think ahead of time.

old village

That may not sound so interesting for the young blood. But the things you can do while visiting an ancient village are simply mesmerizing, from taking amazing photos of the gigantic mountains to sipping the old-fashioned tea.

Everything is wonderful and feels so good. There are trails for you to hike and even if you are not interested in it. Connect a bit with nature and older people. Learn how they used to live and listen to a little history.

In other words, you can experience live how times used to be and what has changed over time.


People may think that the locations or picnic spots matter, but we respectfully disagree. It is the company that counts during your travels and different stages of life. Let it be your family or friends. The location isn’t that important, but the time you get to spend with them and the memories you make are what matters.

Never feel offended or discouraged about your budget. All it takes to make your Thanksgiving life in California special is a few laughs and a smile.

We hope this article has given you some great ideas to make your Thanksgiving special.