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2022 Colorado Black Friday Craft Beer Releases – PorchDrinking.com

ByKarla E. Kowalski

Nov 24, 2022

Britt Antley

The holiday season is officially upon us, and that means the thrill of shopping has begun for others in crowded spaces. Instead of battling the ravenous hordes in a twisting large department store, why not enjoy a tasty pint? Black Friday marks a big day in the craft beer community as many breweries release special and limited-edition beers, many of which are made big and boozy for a warming cold-weather blanket. We’ve compiled a list of 2022 Colorado Black Friday craft beer releases for you to read and enjoy. Convince the family to stop by one of these establishments while you’re out to stave off the crowds and turkey hangover. Beer also makes a great gift for a special friend or family member!

Photo by Brittni Bell Warsaw

This post was made possible with the support of Laws Whiskey House. In addition to their no-compromise approach to producing world-class whisky. They have also lent their kegs to some of the best cask aged beers in the country. Learn more at www.lawswhiskeyhouse.com

Denver metropolitan area

  • Odyssey Bierwerke | Salyut Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout
    • Available in draft and 16 oz 4-packs to go
  • Old 121 brewhouse | Cinnamon Bun Dark
  • Determined Brewing | Limited Release: Under Old Sand
  • River North Brewery | Whiskey Barrel Aged Mr Sandman
  • Ward 26 | Russian Imperial Stout Variations
    • Everything will be $9 for an 8 ounce pour. We start tapping right at 11A.
      • Mexican Chocolate – made with chocala chocolate, guajillo peppers and cinnamon. 10.4% vol.
      • Turkish Coffee – made with medium roast Arabica coffee beans and cardamom. 10.0% vol.
      • Spumoni – made with pistachios, sour cherries and chocala chocolate. 10.0% vol.
      • Creme Brûlée – made with fresh vanilla bean and caramel.
  • Westbound & Down (All Locations: Downtown, Lafayette, Idaho Springs)
    • Knock: Beyond description
      • Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout + Coconut, Vanilla, Pecan & Hazelnut
      • A blend of 10 and 18 month Double Absence matured in Elijah Craig, Weller, Blanton’s and Russell’s Reserve 10 casks finished with lots of coconut, pecan, hazelnut and vanilla. Light-handed isn’t a word we would use with this one! Additives pound the palate, but this beer still maintains a semblance of balance.
      • 13.5% vol
      • $8/6oz
    • Sale: Opulence (2022)
      • Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout + Vanilla
      • A blend of 10 and 18 month Double Absence matured in Elijah Craig, Weller, Blanton’s and Russell’s Reserve 10 casks with extended aging on two pound Madagascar vanilla beans.
      • 13.7% vol
      • $25/500ml bottle. Limit yourself to one bottle per person per day
Westbound & Down Opulence
You can drink this too!
  • Westfax Brewing Company | Various publications
    • Beta Wave – Vanilla, Almond, Cherry Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
    • Mountain Dream – DDH Double Hazy IPA
    • Various flavors – pastry stout made from peppermint bark
    • Spiced Christmas beer
    • Peaches Be Crazy – Peach Sour Ale
    • The Elvis Stout – Stout with peanut butter, banana and bacon

Boulder County

  • Left hand brows | Spend $100 on merch and get a free Growler fill every month in 2023
  • Uhls | Black Friday beer release
    • Release of eight new cask aged stouts in cask and bottle including three single cask variants from Deep Dark Depths
    • Deep Dark Depths – 7 year old Heaven Hill cask
    • Deep Dark Depths Rye – 6 Year Old Templeton Rye Cask
    • Deep Dark Depths Antique – 7 year old WL Weller Antique 107 barrel
    • Chocolate & Vanilla Barrel’d Treat – 8 year old Buffalo Trace barrel, Bourbon vanilla beans from Madagascar and Uganda, organic Ecuadorian cocoa nibs
    • Superior Liquor Coffee & Vanilla Barrel’d Treat – Breckenridge Select Bourbon Barrel, Ozo Le Triunfo Mexican Coffee Beans, Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans
    • Apache Liquor Imperial Barrel’d Stout – Old Elk selected bourbon cask
    • Imperial Stout by Mile High Wine Cellars Tahitian Vanilla Barrel – AD Laws select bourbon casks
    • Colorado Beverage Co. Barrel’d Imperial Stout – selected bourbon cask from Breckenridge
  • Forbidden Brewing | barley friday

Larimer/Weld County (FoCo, Loveland, Greeley)

City Star Chai Guardian
Photo courtesy of City Star

Featured image courtesy of Uhl’s