• Tue. Dec 6th, 2022

Supper Party Releases New Album | news

Supper Party is a band with deep roots in Walker and Trinity counties. The band’s two central members, Shane and Kayla Doyle, began their musical journey together in Huntsville in a group called the Gypsy Davies. On December 9th they will release their new album “Love you, Bye”.

A collection of songs Kayla and Shane have written together over the years since they met, the album serves as a chronicle of their personal journey. Their latest single Howl is the kind of ballad that becomes a classic love song because of the quality of the music and the harmony of their voices. It tells the story of their falling in love.

“Snowbird” was the first single from Supper Party, released in July of that year. It highlights Kayla’s silky voice and disposition and the talent that surrounds her. It was also the first song Shane and Kayla wrote together in 2017 while living in North Carolina.

“Bogan’s Blues” is a tribute to their friend Bogan Lawrence, whom they met in Huntsville. It showcases Shane’s voice and the folk, country and bluegrass roots that shaped his early tastes in music. It gives a taste of the band’s instrumental prowess and their ability to give you a good time.

Shane learned to play guitar from his father at a very young age and had a few bands in Florida before his family moved to Huntsville in 2004. He met Will Ezzell through mutual relationships, eventually becoming roommates and best friends. Ezzell loved to sing and they soon realized that their talents together were greater than the sum of their parts.

They formed the Gypsy Davies, which achieved cult status in and around Huntsville. They became widely popular, playing the Gypsy Road Show at the El Roy Icehouse in Trinity and opening for guest artists in downtown Smokin’ Jozee, now known as 12th Street Bar.

At the same time, their friends Greg and Paul Picket ran a recording studio on the avenues of Huntsville. Their monthly open house was a welcome social event and a constant gathering place for singers, songwriters and musicians, drawn to the talent and relaxed atmosphere of the Picket family.

Other band members came and went through this network, but the one who had a lifelong influence on Shane and the Gypsy Davies was Kayla Bauer at the time.

In 2012, Kayla was a sophomore studying dance and drama at SHSU. She was buying a ukulele at One Music Square in Huntsville when she met Shane. She made such an impression on him that he wrote a song about it called Trinity River Blues, and in that song a love was born that has taken her on a path of far-reaching horizons.

“I’ve been in the performing arts since I was three years old, so the stage has always been my home,” Kayla said. “Even though I’ve been in musicals, I never saw myself as a singer. Even when I sang backing vocals for the Gypsy Davies I was nervous. When I started writing my own songs, it felt right.”

Kayla’s voice was an inspiration to Shane, and her transformation of the band from duet to trio made her Huntsville favorites. Shane and Kayla wed in 2015 near the riverfront that was the backdrop to their early days as a couple. At their wedding reception, the collection of singers and musicians who had come to celebrate their union did not stop playing until almost dawn.

This family of musicians provided the support to begin recording their original music. The Gypsy Davies released their self-titled album in 2016 with the help of Greg Picket and John Toland, as well as Derek Ely and Chris Shotliff. Her next move was California, looking for a bigger arena. But going west wasn’t as lucrative as they had hoped.

Fortunately, they received an offer to move. Her good friend had raved about his hometown of Asheville as a promising creative environment, so they took another leap of faith across the country to North Carolina. They did their best, but the connections they made didn’t prove solid enough to hold them together as artists.

Here, after a decade, the Gypsy Davies split as a band but not as a family. Ezzell stayed behind, married his SHSU girlfriend Kyrstin, and developed a theatrical career. They are expecting their first child next year and he is now the director of the Southern Appalachian Repertory Theater.

“The music I made with Shane and later with Shane and Kayla is one of the greatest achievements of my life,” said Ezzell.

Shane and Kayla returned to Trinity in 2019 and began reconnecting with old friends.

They also met some new musicians when they started performing as a duet at welcoming venues like the Zen Tent organized by Zen City’s Eric Overstreet.

“Someone gave me Eric’s walkie-talkie to hold until he got there, so I put it on and went to work and haven’t stopped since,” Kayla said. Zen City is a collective of musicians and music lovers who put on nightly stage shows at festivals like Old Settler’s Music Festival and Utopiafest. Kayla was its president for two years.

“It was a breath of fresh air to be able to enjoy music again, with no agenda and no direction. Just play and sing because we love it,” said Shane.

She and Shane performed in the zen tent at a festival dinner party and received rave reviews. There they bonded with Shaun Brennan, the CEO of Splice Records. A year later they were signed to the label Splice. They adopted the name Supper Party when they started recording their new album.

They now live in Porter where Shane spends much of his time doing woodwork in his home business. He began construction work at the age of 14 for Tom Reynolds in Huntsville. He then learned fine woodworking from Kevin Currie and later moved on to larger projects at Morrison Brothers Construction in Trinity. He keeps busy building when he’s not making music.

Kayla is the Recording Manager at Red Tree Recording Studio in Magnolia and recently became General Manager of The Last Concert Cafe in Houston. They call Conroe the base of their musical family and cite The Corner Pub as one of the sources of the musical talent that created their collective group. The pub co-sponsors the River Revival with Splice Records on the Guadalupe River each fall, where you can find Supper Party on the roster.

Their core band is a quartet featuring Charles Peters on lead guitar and professional cellist Valari Young. When schedule allows, they will be joined by Caleb Pace on electric guitar, bassist Sarah Smith, drummer Russ Ekhardt, and Kevin “Haystack” Foster, who plays violin and mandolin.

James Johnson, another Huntsville musical influence, taught Kayla how to play the guitar about two years ago and brought a different dimension to Supper Party. Shane added the mandolin to his repertoire a few years ago and is now working towards mastering the pedal steel guitar.

The album is dedicated to Kayla’s grandmother, Bessie Ruth Bauer, who passed away a few years ago. She was Kayla’s favorite person on earth. “Love You, Bye” is the title track and was written by Kayla. She says the line came to her one day and the rest followed easily, and that the process of producing the song was part of accepting her loss. Kayla also did the graphic design for the album, with a picture of her grandma on the cover.

“The making of this album was a love story itself. We never thought these songs would become what they are now. Some of the best musicians and people you can find got together to create our little studio recordings in the attic and turn it into a real record. Thank you to everyone who helped bring this to life. We can’t wait for you to hear it,” Kayla said.

Sergio and Friends of Ancient Car Society will open the supper party at their album release event on Saturday December 10th at the Continental Club in Houston. Admission is at 8:00 p.m. Show starts at 9pm. Learn more about Supper Party https://superpartyband.com/. Find their music on all streaming platforms and social media @supperpartyband.