• Thu. Nov 24th, 2022

United Furniture Industries laid off entire workforce, Victorville affected

ByDenise T. Tatum

Nov 24, 2022

Two days before Thanksgiving, United Furniture Industries executives fired “all employees,” including those who work at the plant at Southern California Logistics Airport in Victorville.

Employees received a text or email message from the company instructing them not to report for work on Tuesday as their jobs would be terminated immediately “due to unforeseen business circumstances.”

“Upon direction of the Board of Directors of United Furniture Industries Inc. and all of its subsidiaries, we regret to report that unforeseen business circumstances have forced the Company to make the difficult decision to terminate the employment of all of its employees. effective immediately, November 21, 2022,” the statement said.

In a second email, employees were told that “Your dismissal from the company is expected to be permanent and all benefits will be terminated immediately without the provision of COBRA.”

The company concluded its message by citing the “difficult and unexpected situation” that economists say is likely to include high gas prices, inflation and the war in Ukraine as key factors.

It’s unclear how many UFI employees were affected by the furniture maker’s decision to lay off its remaining workforce.

United Furniture Industries fired


UFI Transportation furniture delivery truck drivers who are currently making deliveries “get paid for the rest of the week,” the company said.

The UFI statement directs truckers with cargo to “promptly return equipment, inventory, and shipping documents for shipments that have been completed to one of the following locations: Winston-Salem, North Carolina; Verona, Mississippi; or Victorville, California.”