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Why barre3 White Oak is the best place to train in North Carolina

ByDenise T. Tatum

Nov 24, 2022

GAMER, NC / ACCESSWIRE / November 24, 2022 / barre3 is an increasingly popular workout program that is quickly gaining popularity and enthusiasts. This training program is an efficient and effective workout that combines strength, cardio and mindfulness. No prior training or dance experience is required, although it is a challenging and effective workout. All people with all different levels of physical fitness and ability can use barre3, which is part of what attracts and motivates so many people to join their local barre3 studio.

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barre3 is a full-body workout that combines strength conditioning, cardio, and mindfulness, leaving you feeling physically balanced and empowered from within. More and more fitness enthusiasts are coming to barre3 White Oak, the studio of Lisa Begley, one of the most well-known barre3 enthusiasts in all of North Carolina, to see the effects of the regimen. Located at 53 Cabela Drive, Garner, North Carolina, the studio teaches multiple daily classes to a variety of clients of varying abilities.

barre3 White Oaks clients have claimed that practicing barre3 has resulted in increased flexibility, more energy, stronger muscles, less stress, more mental focus, and increased endurance. Toni Faulk, one of her many happy clients, shares her thoughts on her workouts, saying, “Even when I feel like I’m not making it or it’s just not a great day, I always feel better when I go to class come Thank you for everything you do and for creating such an amazing community to be a part of.”

barre3 workouts are what many would refer to as “therapeutic sweating,” designed to promote mindfulness for a healthy mind, strength to boost confidence, and cardio to increase endurance. “We encourage self-compassion and are redefining what success in fitness looks like. It’s not about the before and after picture. We build a community of acceptance, grace and support. Support to guide you through life’s challenges as it helps guide you through each day. We’re giving you a place to make time for yourself so you can make time for others,” added Lisa.

Before dedicating her full-time career to barre3, Lisa Begley was an entry-level professional with years of experience as part of many diverse industry teams supporting and leading the building of successful businesses. She has spent years traveling and living across the United States, meeting new people, training, teaching and learning along the way. This experience prepared her to open her own studio, Barre3 White Oak Studio. Also contributing to this was her undeniable desire to live her passion, to help others find success and happiness, and her incredible love affair with barre3.

Barre3 White Oak has attracted many loyal customers who look forward to attending classes several times a week. “Wonderful courses with determined, friendly and experienced teachers. It is a place of zen, balance and joy. Thank you for that,” said one enthusiastic patron. “I’ve found a workout that not only makes me feel strong and sweaty but also relaxed. The trainers are amazing, the studio is bright and clean. I have to try this place!” said another.

Because the health and well-being of every client is their top priority, barre3 White Oak Studio is well on track to achieving its goal of nurturing a community of like-minded and supportive individuals who care about each other and themselves.

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