• Fri. Nov 25th, 2022

Fact or fiction: Texas are still the favorites to land Anthony Hill

ByRobin H. Purcell

Nov 25, 2022

Competes as a national recruitment analyst Nick harrisalong with the national recruitment director Adam Gorney, cabbage Patterson by Orangebloods.com and leader of the national rankings Adam Friedmanaddress three issues and determine whether each statement is FACT or FICTION.


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1. Texas is still the all-time favorite for five-star linebacker Anthony Hill.

Anthony Hill

Anthony Hill (Sam Spiegelman)

Harris’ Opinion: FACT. Though it looked like Anthony Hill could make a Texas signing in Austin a few weeks ago, Hill is staying untied in the final weeks leading up to National Signing Day. That being said, I still really like Texas as it remains a close-to-home option that Hill is really familiar with. That won’t stop programs like Alabama, Oklahoma, LSU and others from trying to score a visit from Hill in the coming weeks, but it’s hard to imagine Hill ending up anywhere but Austin at this point.

Patterson’s Opinion: FACT. I always hesitate to say runaway favorites, but I believe the Longhorns are in the driver’s seat to add Hill to their 2013 class. Hill was on campus for the TCU game and chose not to visit Alabama or Texas A&M this weekend, which is a little notable. Add the fact that Arch Manning, Malik Muhammad and other members of the Texas class are in his ear, and I feel good about where the Longhorns stand for the nation’s No. 1 linebacker.



2. Peyton Bowen is the top security in the country.

Peyton Bowen

Peyton Bowen (rivals.com)

Harris’ Opinion: FACT. If there were any doubts about Peyton Bowen’s abilities this season, Notre Dame’s involvement quickly allayed those concerns as he jumped off the screen in film, showing elite reporting skills and stunning athleticism on interception returns and kick returns of the game. His dynamic playstyle makes him an invaluable asset at the next level, which is why programs like Oklahoma and Texas are working to turn the talented playmaker around.

Gorney’s Opinion: FACT. You can’t go wrong with either Caleb Downs or Peyton Bowen because they’re both phenomenal players, but I’d give Bowen the slightest advantage. He’s just so instinctive and a great playmaker at secondary school. He’s smart enough to diagnose what the offense is trying to do and then he has the athleticism and the physical ability to play with the ball. Downs is also excellent and does a lot of those things, but Bowen just does them more consistently.



3. Ayden Williams is currently the lowest ranked prospect eligible for five star status.

Ayden Williams

Ayden Williams (rivals.com)

Harris’ Opinion: FACT. Ayden Williams opened many eyes at Florida’s Future 50 event last summer, and his senior season has only furthered his case in conversation with some of the country’s brightest prospects. His required size coupled with his elite ability to step up and grab the ball in high point situations will make him an elite asset on Ole Miss’ offense for years to come.

Friedman’s opinion: FICTION. Williams brings a lot but I have high expectations for Jaquavious Russaw because he’s such an explosive full-back. I like the way he can stick his hand in the ground and chase the passer by and he holds up well at the point of attack against the barrel. He can also play in space, whether playing cover or charging the quarterback. He also has room to develop with his technique and physical condition.