• Sun. Dec 4th, 2022

Texas couple reunites with twins rescued from Russia – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Two North Texas parents owe a lot after their twins were rescued from a Russian orphanage on Tuesday.

The Dallas-area family has been reunited ever since.

“I’m about to meet my twins for the first time,” said the mother, who asked not to be named. She walked towards a van carrying the babies who had just been rescued from the Russian state orphanage by Bryan Stern, founder of the Tampa, Fla.-based funded rescue organization Project Dynamo.

It was the organization’s first operation in Russia.

“I’m scared to death in any of these cases, anywhere, bailouts are scary,” Stern told NBC 5.

In a video captured by Stern in Narva, Estonia, a town on the Russian border, the new mom said they had been waiting for the babies for seven years. So long ago, Stern said, the couple tried to start a family.

“That’s why these cases are so special to us, as we’re in the final leg of a nearly 10-year ordeal,” Stern said.

The couple were pregnant with twins via a surrogate living in the war-torn Donbass region of eastern Ukraine.

The surrogate fled the violence to Crimea, then to St. Petersburg, Russia, where she gave birth to a boy and girl in early September.

The twins were discharged from a hospital and placed in a Russian state orphanage.

“They probably would have been adopted by a Russian family and lost forever,” Stern said.

Stern said the family worked tirelessly for months to get their newborns out of Russian care, to no avail.

They contacted Project Dynamo at the suggestion of a friend in the US diplomatic corps who also had a baby via surrogate.

“We operate in what we call the gray area. The gray area is where the government isn’t, for whatever reason,” Stern said.

A week later, Stern flew to Narva, Estonia, and then spent about a week devising a plan to rescue the infants.

“The two biggest hurdles were getting the babies out of the orphanage safely and legally. Number two, and legal is a flexible word I’d say,” Stern explained.

The day-long operation was a success.

The only thing left to do was the union of the 3 month old twins with their parents.

“Ready to be a mom?” Stern asked in the video. “Of course,” said the new mom as she climbed into the van to meet her babies, who were sleeping at the time.

It was a warm end to a months-long mission from two determined North Texas parents.

“It’s a big part of why I’m doing it,” Stern said.

In a statement, the parents said:

“We are so thankful for the miracle Project Dynamo has done for us. Ever since our babies were born, we have been incredibly frustrated and stressed trying to bring them into our home to form our family. Project Dynamo cut through red tape and got the job done at lightning speed. Project Dynamo brought our family back together and we will never forget that.”