• Thu. Nov 24th, 2022

Tyree Wilson is one of the greatest Texas Tech Football prospects of all time

ByRobin H. Purcell

Nov 24, 2022

After Tyree Wilson officially drafted for the NFL draft and signed with an agent, his time with the Texas Tech Red Raiders is over. Now the collegiate superstar is gearing up for the NFL draft, where he will be one of the elite prospects in program history.

Texas Tech Football has sent prospects to the NFL every year since the 2016 NFL Draft. In the past, the program has also provided several first-round picks, including Jordyn Brooks, Patrick Mahomes and Michael Crabtree.

Tyree Wilson has the potential to be taken higher than any recent first-round picks and looks likely to be the highest drafted defensive player in program history.

Currently, the highest drafted defenseman in Texas Tech football history is a tie between Super Bowl champion Ted Watts and sir bag Gabriel Rivera, both made with the 21st pick.

While Tyree Wilson’s reach varies from analyst to analyst, the consensus is that he will extend beyond Texas Tech’s previous defenders. More recently, analysts have started forecasting him as a top ten pick, with his highest forecast being the Seattle Seahawks’ fifth pick.

Wilson going to the Seattle Seahawks would also put him on the same team as his fellow Red Raider team Jordyn Brooks. While the two were never teammates in college, the two could become teammates in the NFL, with Seattle holding two first-round picks and needing help on the defensive line.

Even if Wilson ends up somewhere other than with the Seahawks, it’s believed he’ll hear his name early in the first round of the NFL draft. Given that he’s receiving that kudos after missing the end of his senior season through injury, there’s reason to believe the hype.

What makes Tyree Wilson such an exciting prospect?

Even before their transfer from Texas A&M University, the Red Raiders knew they were getting something special in Tyree Wilson. His combination of size and speed is a rare trait, and he only advanced as a member of the Texas Tech Red Raiders.

Prior to his injury this season, Tyree Wilson claimed he was one of the best EDGE players in all of college football. He was one of the leading players in all of college football in terms of tackles for loss and still leads the conference Big 12 despite playing a game fewer.

Tyree Wilson’s size and versatility allows him to get into the backfield from a variety of places. Once in the backfield, he shows a physical strength that carries over to Sundays.

Wilson still has some parts in his game that could be refined and the injury could affect some teams when it comes to using a top-ten pick in the draft. Still, the positives and potential will be too much for some teams to pass up.

Over the next six months, Tyree Wilson’s draft inventory will continue to rise and fall as more opinions and observations are made. Still, there’s a real possibility that Tyree Wilson will become one of the highest drafted players in Texas Tech history, let alone the highest defensive player.